Is John Crestani a Scammer?

John Crestani is a successful internet marketer that makes a full-time income online mainly by promoting his own product called the Super Affiliate System.

It teaches people how to generate traffic in various ways and how to promote his program as an affiliate, which plays a big part in his success.

His course is all about picking a profitable niche, learning how to promote it using paid ads, and everything else that you need. Part of his program is focused on teaching others how to make money online by promoting his program.

Does that make him a scammer?

Some people sure seem to think so.

Others love his program because they claim it helped them learn valuable skills that every profitable internet marketer and make money online person needs to know.

Here are the most important key points that you need to consider when deciding if you should work with John Crestani.

1. Are You Okay With Promoting His Program? Nothing is stopping you from learning the skills and methods inside only to implement them promoting something else, but you will be encouraged to promote the Super Affiliate System as an affiliate.

2. Can You Afford The High Ticket Price Tag?¬† John Crestani’s flagship program costs $997.

3. Do You Have Money To Spare on Paid Ads Online? Most of the traffic generation training inside is focused on helping you run paid ads online, meaning that you will likely have to invest even more money on that.

4. Optional Upsells. One of the tools that John recommends is called ClickFunnels, which will help with building your sales funnels and marketing implementation, but it costs from $97/Month to $297/Month.

If you want to learn how to make money online promoting other people’s products and services without investing hundreds of dollars each month on expensive software or paid ads, and without spending a grand on a training course, you should see this alternative here.

A Little More About John Crestani 

At 21 he dropped out of college to pursue the ideal lifestyle after reading the 4 hour work week book that also inspired him to move to Thailand to pursue a better life.

Working as a corporate robot didn’t allow him the opportunity to travel the world whenever he wanted, which was his dream. That’s why he took on a quest to do whatever it takes to achieve his dreams.

He stumbled upon the internet and the vast opportunities that lied within, and 9 years later he achieved everything he ever wanted and more.

In my humble opinion, I don’t think that John Crestani is a scammer, but his training program is definitely NOT for everyone and can be improved upon.

That’s why I believe that anyone interested in learning how to make money online with affiliate marketing can greatly benefit from this cheaper alternative here.

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